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Asteria is the Greek Titan Goddess of the universe, the night sky, and nocturnal divination. You may be more familiar with her daughter, Hekate, but don't be too quick to pass on her magickal guidance as well! After all, without darkness and the unviverse how will you be able to wish upon a shooting star?

This candle was formulated using herbs and oils associated with Asteria, and divinatory dreaming. Each is topped with Blue Goldstone crystals and organic herbs.


Scent: Crisp Apple, Lavender, Rose, & Bay Leaf


Crystal: Blue Goldstone a crystal that looks like the celestial night sky with its shimmering effects making it the perfect crystal to “wish upon a star” with when looking to accomplish your goals. Associated with the throat and third eye chakras it is a good crystal to use during meditation when looking to communicate with the divine or when looking for some psychic protection from unwanted energies.


ALWAYS FOLLOW PROPER FIRE SAFETY WHEN BURNING! We are not responsible for fires or injury due to unsafe use. Please allow some color variation. 

Asteria Soy Candle (4oz)

$11.11 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price

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