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Reiki Charged & Magickally dressed tea lights created to promote abundant energy. The perfect candle to burn when working on manifestation and partnering with meditation to work on your root chakra.

Purposes: Abundance & Root Chakra Work

Scent: Cinnamon Apple

Colour: Magenta/Red

-- These are being sold for work within your own witchcraft and spiritual practices, remember intention and your own power are the main factor in magick. For this reason, we must state these are being sold as a curio only and are lovingly made according to Pagan faith. They have been Reiki Charged by our shop owner who is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher. --

These were formerly called "Witch Better Have My Money".

.: Legal Mumbo Jumbo :.
SOLD AS A CURIO ONLY. Do not burn out of sight, make sure wick is trimmed and that you practice regular candle safety while using this candle. We are not responsible for fires or damage cause by this candle. Thank you.

Cha Ching Goes The Money Tree Tea Lights

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