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Each double-wicked candle is made of soy wax poured directly into a ceramic ramekin that can be reused after burning and cleaned for your baking!

Each candle will be topped with herbs, crystals, eco-friendly glitter and maybe even some additional charms or magick depending on availability. Please remove these items when the candle melts and releases them to ensure an even burn. Each candle will vary depending on the magickal or deity requested.

As follow proper fire safety when burning. Do not leave unattended. Ramekin is heat safe up to 400°F. Allow an even burn when first lighting to avoid wax pooling. Do not burn more than 4 hours at a time, doing so may cause excess heat and the ramekin to crack. All items are sold as curios only. We can not guarantee magickal results.

Custom Ramekin Spell Candle

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