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Crackle Quartz is a good crystal to use when looking to protect yourself from evil, hexes, and the evil eye. It is also a good crystal to use when looking for emotional healing as it helps with shedding what you no longer need and directing you toward energy that serves you. It can encourage you to make the right choices and learn from the negative ones that may have effected your journey in the past. Overall, Crackle Quartz has a very calm, loving, and protective energy. 


This Crackle Quartz has been dyed in "Grapevine" colors; blue, pink, purple, & green. These colors are good for promoting healing with the Heart, Third-Eye, and Throat Chakras. Due to this crystal being called "Grapevine" Crackle Quartz, it has a connection to deities of the harvest! 


Price is for one randomly selected crystal. However, if you have a color you'd prefer, leave us a note and we'll try to accommodate! 

Grapevine Crackle Quartz (Dyed)

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