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Price is for ONE crystal blade unless 1oz bag is selected. 


Chakra: Throat & Third-Eye


Physical Help: Blue Kyanite is great for meditation. This stone begins the healing process for other stones to help with. It's great for helping heal from surgery or accidents by repairing the energy that could have been removed due to the gap in the body.


Emotional Help: Blue Kyanite helps to recover from self-destructive behavior and helps those who have lost their way in life. It can also help access forgotten memories and names by using the third eye chakra. It also helps in situations where you might be fearful.


Spiritual Help: Blue Kyanite is great for developing and molding your psychic abilities. It aids in clairvoyance, intuition and telepathic abilities. It is a really powerful stone when protecting yourself against psychic attacks, as well. It’s an incredibly powerful crystal for sleep and dream magick aiding in protection while sleeping and insightful visions. Place near a bed or smaller crystals under your pillow to promote dream magick.

Kyanite Crystal Blade(s)

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