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Formulated to promote Yule Magick, Prosperity, & Happiness.

Scent: Baked Pears, Cinnamon Sugar, and just a hint of apple.

Crystal: Green Aventurine is nicknamed "The Stone of Opportunity" for its knack at bringing opportunity and success to its owner. It's a positive crystal and can make most situations go well and have them filled with joy. Green Aventurine is great for those looking to relieve stress and bring forward personal growth. Green Aventurine is a great crystal for balancing ones self and embracing nature. It's also believed to help prevent psychic vampires from stealing your energy and causing you to feel drained.

Lore: Our Mari Lwyd blend is inspired by the Yule wassailing tradition of South Wales. The tradition started in the Victorian Er and it consists of groups of people carrying a horse skull on a sack cloth from house to house. They would carry Mari Lwyd to houses and sing to the home owners requesting entry. The home owners would then be required to sing back their response and it would go on and on until one or the other gave up. If it was the home owner, they were then required to invite the wassailers in for holiday libations. Perhaps some Cinnamon Sugar Baked Pears?

✌️ Do not use unattended, burn only in wax melt burners, & do not mix with water. ✌️

Required Legal Mumbo Jumbo: These wax melts are sold as a curio only! We can not guarantee the magickal results of these wax melts. They've been dressed with herbs, filled with energy for what they're created for, and made lovingly according to the Pagan faith but scientifically speaking, there is no "real" proof. Do not burn unattended.

Mari Lwyd Wax Melts