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Serpentine: With a name like this, it’s no surprise this crystal is sacred to deities that have a connection to snakes like Loki, Hermes, Dionysus, & Lilith. Serpentine is believed to help connect to ascended masters, other dimensional beings, and even aliens! Perfect for those looking to do astral travel or meditation.  Believed to help with self-love, confidence, and life path work which make it a great crystal to use when working on shadow work as well.


Magnetite: A crystal commonly mistaken for hematite, it is said to remove energy blockages and promote energy flow within your being. It's a crystal of powerful balance, grounding, and strength. Particularly beneficial for healing ailments of the root chakra.


8mm Beaded Bracelet.

Serpentine With Magnetite Bracelet: Life Path Work, Energy Flow, Guidance

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