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Price is for ONE 2024 Solar Eclipse charged quartz crystal that will be charged under the 2024 total eclipse in Aries. It will be charged in NY on the totality line. Each quartz point is 2" to 3" long and varies in width.


This crystal will be powerful and will have a sort of chaotic energy to it that is unlike anything else as this solar eclipse is happening both during Mercury Retrograde and in the sun sign of Aries which are powerful times of chaos and destruction.


That will make this crystal perfect for honoring chaotic deities or tricksters like Loki, Hermes, Khaos, and more.


It will also be great for manifestation as long as you don't mind burning bridges when you work on it. As it won't be gentle.


These crystals will be the only crystals we charge during this eclipse as the energy is truly going to be something intense and it’s not recommended to charge personal crystals under this one unless you want them infused with this chaos energy.

Solar Eclipse Charged Quartz Crystal Point


Litha Nears Sale! 10% off sitewide through 6/1.

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