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Reiki charged & magickally dressed tea lights created to promote strength, growth, encourage Shadow Work, and help you cut through the bullsh•t in your life so that you focus on the goals and projects that serve you. These are also a great candle to burn to honor the Goddess Freya.

Scent: Fólkvangr (Green Meadow)

Color: Green

Crystal: Strawberry Quartz: Strawberry Quartz carries a gentle energy connected to goddesses of Spring time and love. This soft pink colored crystal is said to help with life-path guidance, emotional balance, and personal shadow work. It is a crystal to help you start planning your future and will take your hand and guide you along to your goals so that you can reach that future. Along with being a very life-path geared crystal, Strawberry quartz is good for positive energy and working on psychic abilities.

-- These are being sold for work within your own witchcraft and spiritual practices, remember intention and your own power are the main factor in magick. For this reason, we must state these are being sold as a curio only and are lovingly made according to Pagan faith. They have been Reiki Charged by our shop owner who is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher. --

.: Legal Mumbo Jumbo :.
SOLD AS A CURIO ONLY. Do not burn out of sight, make sure wick is trimmed and that you practice regular candle safety while using this candle. Burn only in a fire safe dish or holder. We are not responsible for fires or damage cause by these candles. Thank you.

Valkyrie Spell Tea Lights


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