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The price is for one tumbled crystal. 

Yellow Jasper is associated with animal health & healing. It’s connected to Litha, Root Chakra, emotional well-being, and offers positive energy / spiritual protection to its user.


Chakra: Base

Physical Help: Yellow Jasper aids with issues of the solar plexus chakra. These are the areas within your stomach and abdomen. 


Emotional Help: Yellow Jasper offers powerful for emotional healing. It helps the user organize their emotions and look for positive solutions to problems they’re faced with. It’s great for inner strength and independence. 


Spiritual Help: Yellow Jasper is good for spiritual protection, deep meditation, and connecting with the Sun. It helps you discover the path you’re meant to follow and protects you agains people with false personas or negative intentions. Yellow Jasper is associated with animal health & overall healing. A great crystal for those that follow Apollo!


These crystals have been cleansed in moon water to help them look the very best they can be! Our crystals can be reiki charged at no additional cost upon request, please leave us a note.

Yellow Jasper Crystal: Positive Energy, Joy & The Sun

$2.00 Regular Price
$1.80Sale Price

Litha Nears Sale! 10% off sitewide through 6/1.

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