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Formulated to promote positive energy and a great yuletide vibe!


Scent: Cinnamon cookies, peppermint cream, & vanilla bean


Crystal: Crafted to help promote the energy of a great holiday party. These promote generalized yule/winter magick and draw in love, happiness, & comfort!

✌️ Do not use unattended, burn only in wax melt burners, & do not mix with water. ✌️

Required Legal Mumbo Jumbo: These wax melts are sold as a curio only! We can not guarantee the magickal results of these wax melts. They've been dressed with herbs, filled with energy for what they're created for, and made lovingly according to the Pagan faith but scientifically speaking, there is no "real" proof. Do not burn unattended.

Yeti For Yule! Wax Melts