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Formulated to promote Yule Magick, Home Blessing, & Manifestation.

Scent: Bayberry, Pine Forest, and just a hint of Mullberry.

Crystal: Strawberry Quartz carries a gentle energy connected to goddesses of Spring time and love. This soft pink colored crystal is said to help with life-path guidance, emotional balance, and personal shadow work. It is a crystal to help you start planning your future and will take your hand and guide you along your goals so that you can reach that future. Along with being a very life-path geared crystal, Strawberry quartz is good for positive energy and working on psychic abilities.

Lore: Our Yule Cat blend is inspired by Icelandic Folklore surrounding Yuletide. The Yule Cat is said to be owned by the old witch Gryla. Jólakötturinn as it's called in Icelandic is said to roam the country side waiting for people to encounter it that haven't received or worn any new clothes before Yule. When it encounters them, it eats them!

✌️ Do not use unattended, burn only in wax melt burners, & do not mix with water. ✌️

Required Legal Mumbo Jumbo: These wax melts are sold as a curio only! We can not guarantee the magickal results of these wax melts. They've been dressed with herbs, filled with energy for what they're created for, and made lovingly according to the Pagan faith but scientifically speaking, there is no "real" proof. Do not burn unattended.

Yule Cat Wax Melts