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Reiki charged & magickally dressed tea lights created to promote Road Opening, Success, & Life Path Work.


Inspired by Jim Henson’s Labyrinth they also contain a mini cat’s eye crystal ball like the crystal balls Jareth uses in the movie. Cat’s Eye is a great crystal for protection as it’s believed to remove misfortune, making it the perfect crystal to use when looking for the right direction through the Labyrinth of life!

Cat's Eye Crystal:

Chakra: Heart & Solar Plexus Physical Help: Cat’s Eye is believed to help reduce headaches. It’s also a crystal known to work with your metabolism and working towards bettering yourself in all aspects of loosing weight (heart problems, cholesterol, etc.) Emotional Help: Cat’s eye offers clarity of thoughts and brings self-confidence to its user. It works to improve problem solving and wants to bring happiness and joy to you. Spiritual Help: A grounding crystal, Cat’s Eye protects from the evil eye and all around bad luck. It is good to use in un-hexing rituals. Cat’s eye also works to improve intuition and perspective while strengthening your aura. 

Scent: Forbidden Fuzzy Navel

Color: Orange/Yellow

Labyrinth Spell Tea Lights


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