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Reiki Charged & Magickally dressed tea lights created to promote banishing, protection, and negative energy clearing. The perfect candle to burn when working on manifestation and partnering with meditation to for promoting positive protective energy. Great for those searching for home blessing, clearing the energy around your sacred space, or calling upon Protective deities. 

Purposes: Banishing, Protection, & Cleansing Negative Energy


Scent: Ozone & Linen


CrystalBlack tourmaline is highly praised for its ability to absorb negative energy. In this way, it is often charged as a protective stone to be worn or placed around the home. Being that Magick & Macabre Co. is run by paranormal researchers, we like to call it the "Paranormal Investigator Stone" as it is great for protection on potentially dangerous paranormal investigations or ghost hunts. 


**Packaging photographed is currently only being used for 2pk candles. The high quality mylar bag can be reused for herbs or crystal storage from your sacred space! We're hoping to be able to acquire the right size for 4pk candles soon! :)

Let That Sh•t Go Spell Tea Lights


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