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A ritual oil crafted to invoke the powers of Persephone. Formulated with herbs, oils, and crystals to promote transformation, fertility, shadow work and abundance.


For external use only. Available in three sizes: 8ml Skull Roller (pictured), 10ml Roller, or 5ml Non-Roller.


Directions: Apply perfume before rituals, meditation, or anytime you require some extra witchy vibes. Alternatively, use pliers to remove the rollerball applicator and use oil in warmers and on candles!


Ingredients: Grapeseed Oil, Fragrance Oil, Goddess Ritual Oil, Dried Organic Calendula, Rainforest Jasper Crystals


Magick & Macabre Co. is not responsible for adverse reactions due to product use. Sold as a curio only, we can not guarantee magickal results.

Persephone Ritual Oil Perfume: Transformation, Fertility, Shadow Work, Abundance

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