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An original book by our shop owner, Bee Reckless! The book will feature a collection of 5 years worth of spells and information/reference sheets written for our shop's Sabbat boxes. This is a great addition to any loyal Wicked Witch Coven member's collection as it's all the spells in one convenient place!

⭐︎ Description: Witchcraft tips & spells for the modern witch. If witchcraft seems overwhelming, you've come to the right place. In her debut witchcraft book, Bee Reckless breaks down witchcraft into simple to understand methods that any level of witch can benefit from. So, fire up that cauldron and charge those's witchcraft time, baby!

⭐︎ Featuring:
–Witchy life-hacks
–Rituals & Spells
–Sabbat Recipes
–Reference Information & Cheat Sheets



Local to the Hudson Valley & need a book fast? Autographed copies are available at Well Worn Books Inc. in Middletown, NY!

🐝  Note From The Author: I just want to thank you all for your love and support over these past 6 years. It has been an honor to create spells for Magick & Macabre Co.'s boxes and be able to share my own personal magick with you all. This book has been the most terrifying passion project I've ever worked on. It has taken me over a year and a half since deciding this was my next step to get up the courage to put it out in the real world. Imposter syndrome is a real witch. I hope that now that it is finally out of the broom closet you find it worthy, because I certainly am proud of it. This book wouldn't have been written without the love and support of each and every person that's ever purchased something from this shop. Thank you for supporting small business––for supporting me and my big dreams. xx Bee 🐝


The Spellbound Grimoire by Bee Reckless (Autographed Copy)

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