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Dressed & Blessed 7-Day Novena candle to honor the Norse God, Thor. Each is anointed with a specialty oil blend and then topped with herbs connected with Thor and weather magick. Each candle also contains a small crystal chips and is tied up nicely with a Mjölnir charm.

The oil blend atop this candle will make the candle smell like dragon's blood and as the herbs burn they will change the scent ever so slightly. Being that these candles are just anointed, please understand there is no actual fragrance oil in their wax. :)

THE CHARM AND RIBBON MAY BE DIFFERENT! We have switched from plastic ribbon (curling ribbon) to biodegradable jute twine for all candles. 

Sold as a curio only. We can not guarantee the spell results of this candle. 🔥 Do not burn unattended! Always be safe and cautious when burning candles! BURN IN A HEAT SAFE CONTAINER AND AWAY FROM ANYTHING THAT MAY CATCH FIRE. The herbs on top WILL act like an Incense and catch on fire so DO NOT BURN without a safe container! We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for unsafe candle burning by customers. Thank you!!!

Thor Prayer Candle

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